Strategic Plan

Registered No CAC/IT/No 30949 as a Non Governmental Organization on 19th January 2009. AfriTAL was however unveiled as the Convener of the Save Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry in April 2016

To deliver value governance through innovative engagements and services

  • Financial: Attract Quality Funding Agencies
  • Customer: Good governance
  • Internal Process: Improve process efficiency
  • Learning and Growth: retool and reskill staff to different sub areas

Financial Goal

  • To grow revenue from being self funded by the premiers of AfriTAL by 60% by December 2017
  • Financial growth of $40,000 in 2017

Customer Goal

  • >30% Customer buy-in and rate of values achieved at the National, State and Local Government levels
  • <5% staff attrition
  • Net promoter score of >50%

Internal Process

  • Improve process efficiency through regular and effective audits
  • Improve IT solutions for process management
  • Average delivery period of milestones for each quarter should not exceed the second month of the quarter
  • Improve staff skills and knowledge through training and development internally and externally;
  • Support staff personal development program;
  • Exchange programme

Establish AfriTAL in Ghana through collaboration or  wholly owned.


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